CACTUS Sponsors

Significant Contributing Sponsors

(Chad Kissinger, president, 322-9200, info [at] onr <dot> com)
Broadband Internet access, web design and colocation
CoreNAP, L.P.
(Kenneth Smith, (512) 685-0010), kenneth [at] corenap <dot> com)
Provides server colocation and high-speed Internet access to businesses in the Austin & central Texas area
Newisys, Inc.
(Tim Wood, (512) 340-9050, tim.wood [at] newisys <dot> com)
Providing a family of server designs offering exceptional performance, value, and manageability, using the AMD OpteronTM processor., Inc.
(David Maynard,, dpm [at] outserv <dot> net)
e-Business Operations Service Provider.

CACTUS Sponsors
((800) 977-3475), registrar [at] bestregistrar <dot> com)
A top-level domain name registrar, CORE member.
Dresser - Wayne
(Steve Cox, (512) 338-8444), steve <dot> cox [at] dresser <dot> com)
Provides instrumentation and services to the oil and energy
Flowing Circles Engineering
Johnny Long, (512) 293-7894, longjy [at] fcei <dot> com
Grid computing to solve matrix engineering and energy conversion problems
IBM Corporation
(George Kraft IV, (512)838-2688, gk4 [at] austin <dot> ibm <dot> com)
Journyx, Inc.
(John Madollozzo, (512)833-3274, john [at] journyx <dot> com)
Web-based products to track time, expenses, and attendance, for project management and billing.
Rocksteady Networks Incorporated Rocksteady Networks
Eric White, 512-427-1319 ewhite [at] rocksteady <dot> com
Ray Solanik
Ray Solanik, Technical Consultant solanik [at] cactus <dot> org
Starflight Corp.,
Jon Roland, jon <dot> roland [at] the-spa
Computer consulting, management solutions, documentation, and technical writing.
TEKsystems, recruiting firm for IT and Unix consultants
Contact: (512) 249-4912, (888) 598-5877
Russell Labay, rlabay [at] teksystems <dot> com
Recruiting firm for IT and Unix consultants
VoIPing, LLC
(Lenny Tropiano, 512-698-VOIP (8647) or Brian Sinclair 512-698-8031, info [at] voiping <dot> com)
IT Consulting and Services, converged networks, Unix, and Voice over IP.
Veraci Inc.
Michael Shrivathsan

Friends of CACTUS

Applied Formal Methods, Inc.
(Susan Gerhart, 794-9732, gerhart [at] cactus <dot> org)
Auspex Systems
(Paul Levine, plevine [at] auspex <dot> com
Fastest reliable network fileservers.
Austin Code Works
(Scott Guthery, 258-0785, info [at] acw <dot> com)
(Chip Rosenthal)
(Maurine Mecer, 502-0190 [FAX 502-0287])
Professional recruiting.
Compaq Computer Corporation (now HP)
(Ron Boerger, 432-8000)
Provider of scalable, high availability systems.
EDP Contract Services
(Mark Grabenhorst, 346-1040) Professional recruiting.
Hewlett Packard
(Bill Sumrall, 338-7221)
Hounix (maybe bad link )
(Marilyn Harper)
Houston's Unix Users Group.
Network Appliance Corporation
(Frank Mozina, fmozina [at] netapp <dot> com)
O'Keefe Search
Professional recuiting.
Sailaway System Design
(Chris J Johnson, 447-5243)
(Kathy O'Brien, obrien [at] asc <dot> slb <dot> com)
Technical services and products in over 100 countries.
Silicon Graphics
(Don Williams, 346-9342)
Solid Systems
(Pete Farrell, 442-2222)
Sterling Infomation Group
(Darrell Hanshaw, 344-1005)
Sun Microsystems
(Rick Taylor)
Supplier of Unix client-server computing solutions.
Texas Internet Consulting
(Smoot Carl-Mitchell, 451-6176, smoot [at] tic <dot> com)
TCP/IP networking, Unix, and open systems standards.
A Sun Authorized Training Center and a Hardware Reseller.
Unison Software
(Shelley St. John, 478-0611)
Supplier of networked systems management solutions.
UT Applied Research Laboratories
(Gil Kloepfer)
UT Computer Science Department
(Patti Spencer)
UT Computation Center
(Mike Cerda, 471-3241, cerda [at] uts <dot> cc <dot> utexas <dot> edu)

Sponsorship memberships are available at a cost of $100 a year.
If you are interested in becoming a CACTUS sponsor, contact our Membership officer at membership [at] cactus <dot> org.
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Last modified: 12 September 2003